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How it Works 

1. Subscribe—To download grammar and Business English exercises in MS Word or interactive format, you need to buy a monthly subscription.  We accept payments using your credit card or Pay Pal.  The cost of a subscription is $7.99 (USD): this gives you ten download credits.  An exercise in MS Word format or an interactive version of the same exercise costs one credit.  Unused credits will remain in your account and can be carried over to the next month.  Subscriptions will be automatically renewed every thirty days; if you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so at least five days before your subscription renews in order not to be billed again for the following month.

2. Search—Use our search engine to find the type of exercise you need (grammar, vocabulary, skills, etc.).  For example, if you need an exercise on the past perfect, you can type “past perfect” to see the various Word and interactive exercises available for different fluency levels.  Or you can use the pull-down menus to show you a range of choices within any fluency or skill area—see the Search page for details.

3. Download—Once you have chosen an exercise, simply click on “Download” and it will be delivered to your computer and the appropriate number of credits will be deducted from your account.  You can then continue shopping, or log off and return later for more exercises.

4. Modify and Personalize—Once you have downloaded the exercise in Word format, you can change it, re-format it or brand it any way you like.  You can put your name or your school’s name on it and distribute it to your students: however, the underlying copyright belongs to English Toolbox Co.  Therefore, you cannot re-sell the exercises or represent them as your own work for any commercial purposes other than teaching.  Apart from these restrictions, you can do what you want with the materials: there are no marks, logos or text to indicate that they came from anywhere other than your own imagination!  For more information, see our Terms of Use page.

That’s all!  Take a look at our sample exercises and—if you like what you see—subscribe now and take the drudgery and wasted hours out of lesson planning.


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