Simple Phone Calls—Intermediate



1)         Phone the branch office in Atlanta and ask to be put through to Andy Donaldson.


2)         You’d like to leave a message for Paul Meier.  Can somebody tell him that you won’t be able to attend the workshop in Orlando on 3rd September, and convey your apologies?


3)         You’d like to speak to somebody called Mr. Sharit? Sharish? Sareet?  (you don’t think the name on your message pad is correct).  You know he phoned earlier about a problem.


4)         Can somebody pass a message to Mr. Duncan?  Tell Mr. Duncan that his fax has arrived, but you can’t read it. Can he re-send it?


5)         Phone the Horse and Hounds Inn near Killingholme, England and book a room for 3 nights.


6)         Phone IBM in Sydney and ask to be put through to Thomas Kane. 


7)         Phone your English teacher and ask her/him if s/he has a few minutes to help you write a fax to Karachi.


8)         Phone your Indian colleague, and tell him that you won’t have time to go through his questions today as you promised.  What about tomorrow?


Participant A


Your boss has just returned from a business trip to London (14th-21st October) and has realized that he has left his watch behind. 


Phone The Queen’s Rest in Hyde Park, describe the watch (color, strap, make, etc.) and ask if they have found it.  If they have found it, ask them to send it back.  Give them your address (at work) and telephone number.


Your partner will start.


Participant B


You work at The Queen’s Rest Hotel, Hyde Park.  You have just started and have no idea where lost items are kept.  Take all details, including names and contact numbers, and try to help the customer as much as possible.  The Hotel Manager is listening to you.


You start by answering the phone.


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