Everyday Negotiations—Advanced


  1. You’re in a restaurant with an Iranian customer. Your customer has ordered chicken but they have been brought pork. Speak to the waiter and rectify the situation without embarrassing your customer.



  1. You’re in a rush at a train station in Karachi, and have several heavy cases with you. A porter offers to carry your suitcases and then asks for twice the amount of money you’d expected to pay. Reach a speedy conclusion, without being taken for a ride.



  1. You buy a new printer. You get it home and it doesn’t work. Upon returning to the store, the store assistant insists you set it up wrongly.  Get your money back.



  1. You are out for dinner with a new Chinese supplier. You’d invited them out, but at the end of the meal you discover you’ve forgotten your wallet.  You know it is in your briefcase at the office. Get yourself out of this tricky situation by speaking to the manager. Don’t lose face.



  1. You are currently “it” on the On-Call roster.  You’ve bought a ticket (they only had economy left) to Helsinki but have been told you’ve been bumped to the next flight (which leaves in 16 hours). You are a long-standing customer of this airline. Get yourself to Helsinki on this flight!



[Note: This is a sample, and so all 12 questions are not shown.  All exercises purchased on English Toolbox have a minimum of 12 questions]


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