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  • The pull-down menus above allow you to filter the exercises as specifically as you wish. For example, if you want a lesson on conjunctions for an intermediate, non-business English class, select (from top to bottom) General / Intermediate / Grammar: Conjunctions.
  • If you only want to see MS Word exercises, also select "MS Word Document Exercise" in the File Types menu. Once you have chosen all of your categories, click the “Search for Exercises” button and your results will come up. If you choose nothing from any of the pull-down menus, you will see all of the exercises in the English Toolbox library; if you choose Advanced and then choose nothing else, you will see all exercises on all topics geared to an advanced level, etc.
  • There are no Topics for the sections Nouns, Tests, Verbs and Vocabulary: if you choose Nouns, for example, and a sub-category like Grammar: Prepositions you will get no results. For these four sections, leave the Topics menu in its default position of (Optional).
  • If you are searching for a type of file (e.g., Audio MP3 files), leave all of the menus in their default (Optional) position and use the File Type menu to select MP3 Audio File. This will show you all MP3 files in our library.
  • The results page, as seen below, will show you whether the exercise is General or Business, the fluency level and the section and topic. It will also show you the MS Word and Interactive (HTML) Computer versions of each exercise:

    CourseLevelSectionTopicCourse File NameDescriptionFile TypeCreditsSelect
    GeneralIntermediateGrammarGerunds & InfinitivesGerunds and Infinitives 2.docFIRST QUESTION: The contractor denied ______ (steal) the computer.MS Word Document Exercise1
    GeneralIntermediateGrammarGerunds & InfinitivesGerunds and Infinitives 2.htmFIRST QUESTION: The contractor denied ______ (steal) the computer.Interactive Computer Exercise2

    Finally, it will show you the first question in the Word version of the exercise (the HTML version also contains this question, but because it shuffles the questions every time it is loaded it won’t be the first question). This first question will assist you in deciding if the exercise meets your needs; it will also help you to recognize whether or not you’ve already purchased it. If you do download the same exercise twice, you will not be charged a second time: the system recognizes that you have already paid for this exercise. Likewise, if you lose or accidentally delete an exercise you’ve purchased, you can download it again at no extra charge.
  • Finally, you can use the Exercise Name field to type a search query. If, for example, you type "past continuous" and check the button for "Match All Words," you will see all exercises in our library with "past continuous" in their titles (if you check the button for "Match Any Words" you will see all exercises with "past," "continuous" or "past continuous": therefore, it is usually better to select the "Match All Words" option before you click the "Search for Exercises" button). Again, you can narrow the search by using a combination of the pull-down menus (e.g., you can search for all past continuous exercises geared towards beginners by selecting Beginner in the English Level menu and then typing "past continuous" in the Exercise Name field).
  • Virtually all of the Skills exercises are written for Business English classes, so select Business in your English Course menu to get the most accurate results.

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