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How Much is Your Free Time Worth?—Think about how many hours you spend in the evenings and on weekends searching for grammar and/or Business English teaching materials for your upcoming classes. Then add that to the number of hours you actually spend in class, and recalculate your salary. How much money have you been donating back to your employer every week? Is an hour of your free time that you spend looking for or writing a particular exercise worth 79Ę? How long would it take you to find or create ten exercises? You can buy ten English Toolbox exercises for less than $8.00! Isnít it time you joined the hundreds of other English Toolbox customers who have reclaimed their evenings and weekends for themselves, rather than donating countless free hours of work to their employers?

Variety—With over 500 different exercises, each available in both MS Word and interactive HTML format, you can always find exactly what you need when you need it.  The exercises include gap-fill (cloze), multiple-choice and pair-matching formats.  Stop spending hours visiting dozens of web sites and searching through content: we’re your one-stop shop.

Specificity—We divide our content into General English and Business English; then we divide each into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; then we divide each into vocabulary, skills or grammar (which is further sub-divided into over a dozen specific grammar points).  So whether you’re teaching a class of teenagers or a group of highly-fluent managers, you can go to the appropriate section of our site to find the exact materials you need.

Personalization—Other sites offer TEFL materials with their name, logo or restrictions imprinted on them.  They are clearly something you downloaded from the internet, not something you or your school created.  English Toolbox is the only place where you can get English teaching materials that you can customize, rewrite, brand with your own name or logo, or manipulate in whatever way you wish for classroom or practice usage.  The MS Word files are stripped of all but the most basic formatting for easy customization (although many include clipart illustrations, which are easily removed if you wish).  The HTML interactive exercises can be e-mailed to students or posted on a web site or intranet for everyone to access, again without any indication of who created them (for an additional fee, we’ll even add school names or logos to these exercises).  Unlike other sites that offer their materials in PDF, can’t-change-anything format, our products are yours to do with as you wish (and nobody needs to know!).

Multiple Skills—As mentioned above, our materials cover all aspects of English grammar, plus vocabulary and Business English skills such as presentations, meetings, telephoning and negotiating.  But even a simple grammar exercise teaches vocabulary (in addition to, for example, the past simple tense) because our writers draw from a list of over 5,000 verbs and nouns when creating materials.  We’ve even divided these words into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, so your students will be exposed to a much larger range of words and terms—appropriate for their levels—than they would using conventional books or “one-size-fits-all” free internet exercises.

Pedagogically Sound, Business Oriented—Our writers and editors all have a minimum of a TEFL or CELTA certificate, and/or an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, plus decades of combined teaching experience.  The exercises sold here are checked carefully for construct, content and predictive validity: every question challenges and tests the student’s knowledge and ability.  Our exercises are designed to supplement popular course books and programs in the ESL field, or to “stand alone” as training and testing material.  Our writers have created exercises for some of the biggest corporations and English training school chains in the world: our specialty is Business English worksheets, and we design exercises at a professional level for professionals.

Ease of Use—Just become a member and you can log on to search through our library.  Once you find something you like, click the Download button and the exercise will be on your hard drive in a matter of seconds.  We accept Pay Pal and major credit cards.

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